An overview of my ill-health journey to date

Starting back on Dec 28th 2011,  I was diagnosed through an abdominal CT scan that I had a large Renal Carcinoma (kidney cancer) on my left kidney.

A further chest CT scan a few days later revealed a small tumour on my right lung, and then two further scans – brain MRI & a full skeletal bone scan showed nothing which was a relief.

Appointments at Peter Mac clinic in East Melbourne saw my plans booked in for 1st Feb for my Kidney & tumour removal operation.

I spent eight days recovering in hospital before coming home on Feb 8th.

March 5th at home I started have brain seizures and was taken unconsious to Monash emergency dept, a brain MRI revealed 3 brain tumours.

Full brain radiotherapy treatment started at Moorabbin Peter Mac on March 15th for 5 treatments and I had a PET scan at Peter Mac in Melb on March 20th & the results were discussed at the March 27th appointment revealing all the findings of the new tumours – a further approx 10 in different locations such as my left hip and spine, lymph glands & prostate. All of which have spread from the kidney prior to surgery and are referred to as secondary Renal Carcinoma’s.

On April 13th I had a radiotherapy treatment on my left hip to try to reduce the pain I was experiencing down my left leg & to help me walk more successfully.

I have had a medicinal trial scheduled for some weeks but was postponed due to the last radiotherapy for a fortnight but I just learned today that I am no longer qualified for this trial due to the anti seizure medication I must remain on.

I am now having a brain MRI this afternoon to reveal the success of my brain treatments from many weeks ago and also a CT scan today on my groin, abdomen & chest.

2 thoughts on “An overview of my ill-health journey to date

  1. Hey chris. My internet is down so I’m doing this on my phone. Not as easy to get around on so I apologize in advance if this stuffs up…. This is a great way to keep us informed without taxing u further. I hope the pain in the hip has stopped and ur comfortable again. See u Thursday. Looking forward to playing some music. Xoxo

  2. thank you for sharing this with us and please know that we are here for you and are only a phone call away. Much love xxxxxx

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