Another day of change

Todays visit to Frankston Private Hospital didnt all happen as planned. I had the intravenous contrast injection prior to the Brain MRI, that was all ok, but then awaiting to have the next contrast injection for the 3 CT scans that were planned, I began having an allergic reaction. My hands started to itch severly, then my forearms and legs.  I was scratching myself so much & noticed hives appearing on my arms & legs. The doctor who was on hand decided it was too risky for me to be injected with the next dose of contrast for the CT scans that were planned, so they were  postponed until the morning of Thurs 26th prior to my appointment with Dr. Ganju.

This appointment I hope will determine the plans for my treatment to finally start to some positive action for me. 

11 thoughts on “Another day of change

  1. What a great way to keep everyone in the loop. I hope Thursday brings some positive news. Always thinking of you, Cath and the munchkins. Xoxoxo

  2. What a great way for you to keep everyone in touch with what’s happenng – thanks for including us. Thinking of you always, loads of love being sent your from Ange,Nick&co

  3. Hi Chris, I appreciate hearing from you and sorry about the latest delays on your treatment. I am glad for the blog that has been set up so we can all be kept up on your treatment process. I am thinking of you and the family. Everyday is a commitment to stay positive and mindful. I hope for some positive news on the 26th. Much love, Sharon xxxx

  4. U are a champion brotherC, thanx so much for keeping us all in the loop like this, really appreciate it, and as always send you & yr angels big lovin hugs, look forward to an all- in jam in the hood really soon ! Peace m&m’s

  5. So glad to see your blog up and running Chris. It can’t be easy re-telling what happens in your day, and having to re-live the harder moments with every one of your friends and family. This way we get to keep in touch without you having to go through those conversations again and again. I know at the moment it probably seems like one disapppointing result after another. Keep up that positive attitude, your turn for some positive news is well overdue. Much love Tania x

  6. Hi Chris – I reckon the blog’s a good idea for keeping us informed so thanks for that! Sorry to hear about the allergic reaction but at least it wasn’t as severe as it could have been. I hope they’re able to go ahead with the other scans soon. Glad to hear you’re back playing drums a bit! We’ve almost finished mixing Marjie’s song that you drummed on – we’ve replaced or enhanced almost everything on it except your drums, which are rock solid! It’s sounding really good and is definitely going on the album. Take care of yourself and we must catch up soon if you’re feeling up to it. ~ DC

  7. Great way to keep in touch and informed Chris. I look forward to reading positive results after Thursday’s appointment.

  8. Sorry to hear Chris that today brought not what you were hoping for, plus the allergy dramas (I’m allergic to contrast too) – hopefully they can sort something out. I took Prednisolone for 3 days prior to a CT last week, then they gave me antihistimine when I had a mild allergic reaction after the IV contrast. Maybe that might be an option? Looking forward to seeing you guys on Sunday – we’re coming to your gig, really looking forward to it. I have something for you too – a hint from one of my FB postings from Bermi. Maybe something you can use at the gig? No more hints! Love from all the Campbells, Bron. xox.

  9. Glad you are home mate but equally disappointed that you didnt get further with scans. Well done with blog chris, – a very clear and detailed update. Ao has also put on these comments acess. Huge hug, steve x

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