Tuesday 24th – I had more brain seizures

Another change of my situation unfortunately, sitting in the lounge about 9.30pm Tuesday night, I suddenly had trouble breathing evenly, my windpipe began to open & close in a pulsating and sudden way. A few seconds later my facial muscles on the left side began pulsating too, I tried to call Cath to speak but I couldnt. All I could make was moaning sort of noises, also pulsating. I scared Cath so much, she was shouting “whats happening ?”  The left side of my face was totally flexing, all the cheek muscles and muscles up around my left eye were flexing in a pulsating manner.  I actually was totally aware of what was happening, not losing my consciousness at all like other seizures I had had in March.

Using my right hand I signalled to Cath to ring an ambulance. Although somehow I remained calm through this, I had thought that perhaps I may not ever be able to speak again or perhaps I was having a stroke & perhaps I was on my way ‘out ‘ right there & then.

Cath was on the phone in the kitchen and I knew I needed to get closer to her so she could see me in case of what ever I was going to do next. I allowed myself to tumble off the  couch and I crawled across to closer to the kitchen, Cath could see me, I layed on my right side and was waving at her. I then reached my left arm up above my body and held onto the top of the short wall near the front door. Somehow, and Im not sure how or why, but all the spasms immediately stopped. I estimate the seizure lasted around 1 & 1/2 minutes. I was fine and I could speak, although a little slowly and slurred, I was able to tell Cath how I was feeling, as she was still talking to the medics as the ambulance was progressing to us. My heart rate was racing but slowed in a few minutes and I was so calm although not understanding what really had occurred.

After a few more minutes the ambulance arrived and we chatted, I felt so good now but I still went with them to Frankston emergency dept. After blood tests, a heart ECG, I had a chest x-ray. I felt very calm. I rang Cath a couple of hours after arriving there (midnight) and as the phone was ringing it all started again ! My breathing excellerated, I lost the ability to speak clearly just as Cath said “Hello” & I was moaning at her again, I again felt helpless, waving my arms around I was trying to attract nurses, pushing the ‘call nurse’ button franticly, they came and were asking me whats happening ?…….. and I couldnt say a thing. 

This seizure only lasted about 15 seconds before I rolled onto my right side and lifted my left arm again above my body again and then it was all over.

I was visited by a doctor at some point in the night and he told me the reason for my two Brain seizures was a lack of anti seizure medication in my blood stream. I have been taking this medication every night since my first event back in March. My medication has now been increased slightly and I shouldnt again experience these seizures. I was home the next morning with my beautiful family.

Today (Thurs 26th) I have my 3 CT scans & appointment with Doctor Ganju at Peninsula Private, here’s hoping all goes well.  Oh yeah… by the way, if anyone is able to come down to the Heritage in Balnarring, this sunday April 29th I have a gig there with HOLYCOW !   3-6pm.

Im very much looking to playing music with some very close & lovely friends of mine – Ree Liddell & Ian Treloar. These wonderful friends were actually here at home helping Cath when I had my first brain seizures back in early March. Im sorry I have no recollection at all of that day, but Cath told me of all their help assisting her with me in my state.  

Regards to you all Chris x

7 thoughts on “Tuesday 24th – I had more brain seizures

  1. Great news steve :D…..suck eggs you tumours…..u can’t keep a good bloke down ha!
    well done on this blog chris you’ve done a great job! Have a great day on sunday, we will play our holycow cd and be thinking of you all partying on. Have a fat yak ale for me! CHEERS! Love min, wayne & stevie xxx

  2. Shit thats scary, but wrapped to see the response from Steve re the 3 tumours, great news. We are off to Noosa on Saturday so won’t be able to make Sunday, but we will try and send some holiday vibes your way. xxxShaz

  3. Chris,
    So glad for good news today. 3 (little) tumors have been stopped in their tracks; you have to keep fighting those fuckers away. MRI was your friend today and it was very refreshing to hear the result. You looked better today mate. Go the meds tomorrow…..they will kick arse. serious arse.
    Friday sutinibb (su-tent) will be be another new start another new day.
    Rock on – on Sunday mate !

  4. We’re polishing up our bells too Chris, can’t wait to see you all on Sunday. Sending you the bestest gold plated vibes for the scan today. Bron, Matt and the squids. xoxox.

  5. Hi Chris. Sounds like they might have to adjust your anti-seizure medication. A friend of mine told me that it took them some time to get the right dosage/combination but eventually they were able to get it under control. It must have been scary for you and Cath though, and I’m glad you got to the hospital and were looked after there.

    We’re still praying for your full recovery and that God will give comfort to you and your family. I’d love to have come to your gig this Sunday as it would be lovely to catch up with you (and hear some great music) but Marjie and I are going away for the weekend. Maybe next time!

    ~ DC

  6. Hey Chris, my god how scary! I had no idea…I was checking your blog yesterday (I’ve found a website tool that sends you updates whenever a blog you’re following has a new entry) but looks like you just loaded this today. Best of luck for the scan, hopefully it actually happens this time. We’ll be there with bells on Sunday, very much looking forward to it…Kate & Bernie

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