Finally some better news !

Hello to you all that have been tuning in, I had a good day yesterday (thurs 26th).

Firstly I had my 3 CT scans (chest, abdominal & hip) at midday at Frankston private. A short time later I had my appointment with Dr. Ganju.

He had results from the brain MRI I had on Monday, it showed that the tumours had decreased in size due to the brain radiotherapy I had around 8 weeks ago ! This is very happy news to hear after so much negative sounding news in recent weeks.

The next positive to occur was the fact that I will be commencing my medication called SUTENT some time today, just waiting to hear from the pharmacy.

I hope this will commence further decreasing of tumours that are hiding in certain spots in my body.

On other good matters – I had a short rehearsal here at home last night with Ian, Ree &  Tim (Holycow). We have a gig this Sunday at the Heritage in Balnarring, 3- 6pm. Im very much looking forward to this, please attend if anyone can.


12 thoughts on “Finally some better news !

  1. Hey bro,

    So glad you are finally on some treatment that is going to help you. We are all thinking of you each day and hope you will get through the coming months stronger and feeling so much better. Be strong Kiffiter, you are an amazing person, loved by so many, sending you positive drum beats ….love Sue, Dean, Daniel, Steph and Teegs XXXXX

  2. Hey Chris

    It was great to see you on Sunday. Fantastic music, and you never missed a beat – (although this was exactly as expected). It was really good to catch up with Steve and the family too. And just as well for you that you played good. After all, we came a bloody long way to listen. Ha ha.

    Trev & James

  3. Hi Chris, Hope you remember me – I coached Renae for many years at Maramba Netball Club. Renae shared your blog with me – now I dont have to ask after you each time I speak to her. I am sorry for are going through such an ordeal, and its wonderful to read you have had some good news. Am sending positive vibes to you for continued good news. Love looking at the photos of you beautiful children. All the best – Belinda Reynolds xx

    • Hi Belinda, yes I remember you ! Thanks for your kind words. Please keep tuning in, I will post some more pics too of our new kids.
      Regards Chris x

  4. Positive news indeed Chris! I am glad to hear tumors are changing and getting smaller. I hope your Sunday gig is vibrating with the positive sounds of music. I wish I could be there with all of you. Enjoy the day hugs and love, Sharon

  5. Awesome Chris. About bloody time. This is SUTENT to turn things around for you 😉 No bad puns on Punday. Oops. love to youse all xox.

  6. Very, very pleased to hear that all went well with the scans and that your treatment is moving forward encouragingly. Enjoy Sunday’s gig and let the beat go on! DC

  7. This is wonderful news, I am so pleased, so happy that things are starting to shift and am feeling even more positive 🙂 Sending ALL my love to you and your lovables, and my warm positive and hugely hopefull vibes
    Big hugs xxxxx aurora

  8. Hey Chris…so glad the tumours have shrunk and that you are starting the new medication. You sound very chirpy which is good to hear. Hope Sunday goes well and give our regards to Cath. Susan xo

  9. Good news indeed !
    Keep you chin up bro; I am proud of you. We’ll be there with bells on – Sunday, looking forward to it. Thanks for update.
    Love Steve

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