I’ve started my SUTENT treatment today

Fortunately we have a health care card which reduced the cost of a box of 28 Sutent tablets just slightly !

Click on photo to see full cost.

9 thoughts on “I’ve started my SUTENT treatment today

  1. Hi Chris, Cath and Family

    We were wrapped to hear of the great results and that you’re on the medication. Will be sending our huggs and good vibes across the waters for your gig.

    All Our Love, the Bell-McManus’s

    • The price of the drugs for cancer is mental…Hope you had fun with the cow . Saw you got your 4 oclock…Steve’s a great Bro…loves ya heaps. Thanks for your chops yesterday. Brilliant as usual \Mr. Haylock. Your dad was itching to get up and have a play too. Maybe we can arrange that next time. xo

  2. 689744 -that’s just probably the phone number where you go to meet the Pharmaceutical CEO, grab the vass and ….

    No, i think it’s spot on – they’re saying “we can’t put a figure on you Chris but you’re easily worth $6,897 per tablet…”

    Because you are priceless.

    I think Sutent is Latin for ‘grab your ankles..’

    Let us know how you go mate, hopefully not too many side effects or as Roland Yeung says ‘Noside-effay’

    • ha ha , cheers Steve, I had my first tablet yesterday, it was worth $246 so hopefully it does all it should for that price !

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