A big thanks to all who came to the Holycow gig yesterday.

Once again , like the last gig there with Mama Sass (April 1st), there were many surprises with friends who made their journeys from near & far. I had nearly all my close family attend the day, especially my loving brother Steve who helped me load all my gear from home, set up on stage, then unload and take it home & then unload the car too. He took some photos of the gig & helped look after the kids too. Steve raced up to the stage just after finishing a song to give me fourth SUTENT tablet, he doesnt miss a thing.

Many other friends helped with the kids too, especially Nick who is an amazing friend to Cath & myself.

Matt & Bron, Hughie & Jemima, travelled from close to Melbourne and it was lovely catching up the them, its been a little while although we hear Bron’s dulcet tones each sunday morning. Anyone here a marine biologist ?  Bron hosts the program ‘ Radio Marinara ‘ from 9 am on Triple R  102.7 FM. The show features an array of interesting stories & issues regarding our bays & beaches, Westernport & Port Phillip as well as anything thats ‘maritime’ anywhere around the planet.  We all shared a meal together in Balnarring after the gig and like so many of our friends – are blessed to know such wonderful & supportive friends. 

Other long time friends I havent seen for many years made the long trip too, Trevor & James caught up with the new music I play these days after the much quieter jazz music I learned a lot of when I was about 17. I would love to play jazz again when it can be arranged.

The large group of local friends were there as well and supported me with their presence which continues to strenghthen me daily.

I have some band photos of the day that Steve took that I will post on here shortly.

Thanks to everyone again. xo

4 thoughts on “A big thanks to all who came to the Holycow gig yesterday.

  1. Thanks Chris for articulating your appreciation so well – all a roadie needs though, aside from permission to bare his butt crack, is a simple rider: 4 slabs of VB, 2 bottles of Beam and a litre of milk from a Tibetan Yak…. oh and the pure joy in knowing that his brother was able to do what he loves.

  2. It was our pleasure Chris (or should I say, the Radio Marinara Pt Leo Correspondent!) – remind me to pay you for that plug when we see you next! xo.

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