Wow…. pain relief & so much more sleep !

Just a short message this time because Im about to fall asleep again, the medication is helping my pain relief and enabling my sleep to greatly improve. Im looking forward to heading to the wed night Balnazza Jam Session at the hall, 8 – 11.00 pm.

Its sleep time now…. goodnight. x

11 thoughts on “Wow…. pain relief & so much more sleep !

  1. Hi Chris I try to log into your blog most days to see how you are all going. I heard from mum this week that you had landed yourself back at the hospital.It was good to hear that you got back home quickly – the best place to be if you can manage it! Your body clearly needs to rest at the moment so try not to fight it. I rarely speak to Cath these days, in an effort to keep the phone calls to a minimum. I do worry about her as well, and hope that she is coping with these latest developments. Please give her my love and let her know that we are thinking of you all. Tania xx

    PS Remind her that on her next trip to Melbourne I am hanging out to see (that is look after) my niece and nephew – and she can take some time for herself.

  2. Hey Chris,
    So good to be able to read your blog and not have to facebook stalk your progress haha! Thinking of you all the time. So glad there is some positive news! Whens your next gig? We are ready to rock out again and see beautiful you.
    Sending lots and lots of loving to you and Cath and the kids.
    Love Gen xxx

  3. Great to hear that you had such a wonderful day Chris – its about time some good experiences came your way. Thinking of you all the time. Love Tania, Mike and the kids xxxxx

  4. Good to hear your getting some sleep with the new meds and was great to catch up last Sunday.
    John Jan and Harry xxx

  5. So good to catch up w u all & 2 hear all u holy cows playing so sweetly together Sunday brotherChris, it was a real treat…. keep it coming my friend 🙂 peace

    • Hi Farid, yes I have had a look and just had a further look with Eva sitting on my lap, she loves it and dances so its obviously very good music !
      Thanks mate, very much appreciate your film work.

      • Isn’t that fantastic that you can have not just photos but a youtube video right here on the blog page, without even having to go to…

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