Steve here; Chris has asked me to update this blog as he is too lethargic to do so himself. He lacks the energy because of the Sutent treatment (cancer cell inhibitor).

Spent some time at Frankston Hospital on Monday night getting his anti seizure meds adjusted following a minor seizure; the ED department was crammed owing to the full moon (80 people into a 35 bed facility!) but thankfully Chris was cleared – bloods were checked and with a new med in hand – was allowed home the following day…

Back at home; Chris & Cath appreciate not being phoned everyday – thankyou – but also acknowledge and value everyone’s generosity with time and support.

Eva and Leo have a sleepy dad resting in their lounge (a cosy mattress in front of their fireplace), Leo getting great walking legs and Eva’s vocabulary increasing everyday.

His treatment schedule (of the Sutent) is for 28 days then a break of a week or so; they will re-evaluate things then. His tiredness is a sign that the treatment is doing its job – when he’s got more bounce he will update you again himself.





12 thoughts on “Update

  1. Chris sending my love from Vancouver and appreciate Steve keeping us informed of the latest news around your treatment and how you are doing. Thinking about you, Shaz

  2. Thanks for the updates Steve. I hope you will be feeling more energetic soon Chris. We sent out some positive energy from my Yoga class on the weekend – hope it reached you all! In the spirit of Chumbawumba: “you get knocked down but you will get up again!” Looking forward to seeing you playing at the pub soon.

    Best Wishes

    Lisa Massey and family

  3. Have had a close relationship with the Mary McKillop sisters some years ago. Have asked them to pray for you too Ann My anti-seizure first knocked hell out of me too. Keep up the good fight.

  4. Hi chis, think about you every day and say a prayer.. sometimes fighting the good fight is lying flat on your back and letting the medication and rest do its work. Research has shown that thinking of someone you admire greatly will give the immune system a boost. Keep your chin up Cath and all my best to the littlies.. Ann

  5. Thanks Steve x yes a wonderful loving bro you are! Frankston ED was madness Monday night, I was working. If chris is ever in, please send me a text just in case I’m there, so I can go give that fella a big hug. Give him the best biccies n stuff 😉 I’m sure it would be nice for him to see a familiar face amongst the chaos! Much love to you all min xx

  6. Thanks for the update, and we’re still thinking often about Chris and praying for his health. Marjie has been on anti-seizure medication for a couple of months now and it’s making her VERY tired too. her surgeon said that was very common but it’s frustrating nonetheless. What can you do but have some serious rest! Much love to Chris and Cath and the family and if there’s anything we can do, individually or as a group of people who read this blog, let us know. ~ DC

  7. Thanks Steve – Same, we’ve been watching the posts every day. Lots of love to Chris, Cath and the kids from us all.

  8. Thanks Steve. We saw Cath today and she said you might step in for a while to keep the blog up to date. I gather Monday night was madness…Keep up the good work. And love to Chris!

  9. Thanks Steve. We keep an eye on the posts everyday. Your support to bro is incredible and truly appreciated. No doubt Chris is getting knocked about a bit, but we all have fingers crossed for a really fast turnaround. Thanks for being such a great brother to Chris, and our message to Chris: keep working at it man, we really want to see you back on top again ASAP.
    Trev & James

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