Im back in the blog chair !

Firstly… a big thanks for all Steve’s help recently, with the blog but mainly with his visits to us. He happened to be here recently when I had another seizure when I told Cath & Steve my name was ’28’ !  All good now though that the anti-seizure treatment is back in check.

A big thankyou also to all who have stayed in touch on here or who have been involved with Cath’s help roster. The medications have seen me so exhausted that I have hardly left bed or the couch for about four weeks.

I am now slowly getting over this and my apetite has returned too which has pleased Cath a great deal.

I am coping pretty well with day to day life, I am so lucky having such a caring family here at home and also such a great bunch of close friends around the corner. Talk soon. xo




17 thoughts on “Im back in the blog chair !

  1. Hi Chris and cath. My heart and prayers are with guys. Don,t know how I can be a support but just to let you know my prayers and thought are you and yr family.

    Machelle anthony

  2. Hi again from the rain forest here in beautiful Vancouver. It is good to hear you are back blogging and up and about getting your strength with food, friends and family. Thinking of you and the family from across the ocean. Hey if you get sick of Doc Martin ask Steve for Sense and Sensibility, then move onto Pride and Prejudice ( the 6 hour version) …Steve always tells me that he enjoys the films that I recommend him to watch….ha ha ha not! love and hugs Shaz xxxx

  3. hey there bro C,
    hearing some good news on your front makes me feel very humbled in knowing you for years and only in the light of your battle have i come to once again be shown the real meaning of strength in one life…we love you and we still want to babysit the kids for a night here and there so you and Cath can escape for a piece.
    also let me know when i can come visit you !

    love to Cath, kids and you!


  4. hey chris its nath want to catch up soon and maybe talk about throwing a few jelly fish into boats taking off from loch sport boat ramp.

  5. Welcome back Chris! Glad to hear you are back into the swing of things. Hello and hugs to Catherine, Eva and Leo. 🙂

    Janet Bauer

  6. Beautiful man. ‘Me and my peeps’ are so happy you are feeling better. We are touched by you, by what you write and by those close and who love you. Oh and btw, we love you too. Gary Maas + fam x

  7. Hi Chris pleased to hear that things are moving along in a positive direction again. Lots of ups and downs for you in this journey. Stay strong and let your family and friends help you along the way. Thinking of you, with lots of love. Tania, Mike, Ben Sierra and Mason xxxxx

  8. Hey Chris, Great to hear you are feeling much better now.. we were so worried about you. Keep up the great progress bro, ….28.?…. may be you really ARE a secret agent, are you related to 86 (Maxwell Smart) or 99?? !!
    Thinking of you daily XX
    Love Sue, Dean and kids XXXX

  9. Hello 28, ha you wish jelly fish! you are so creative chris haylock 😀 so great to see you blogging made me very very happy to know you are up and about and have the energy to write this! CHEERS my friend 😀 U know what they say….you can’t keep a good bloke down!!

    I got a message from christeen the nurse who looked after you at Frankston on your trip in before last, I asked her if she would mind if I put it on your blog. She said 4 sure!

    Hey Mel,
    I was chris’ nurse in ED a few weeks ago, what a gorgeous man. He has no idea how his stay in my care effected me ( he does now 😉 made me think about life in such a different way. I come across people with similar stories on a daily basis, but they never touch me the way chris did. The heritage tavern 9th June is on my calendar and my fingers are crossed I’m not working as I will be there with bells on xxxxxx love chris

  10. re: @Steve on May 22, 2012 at 2:43 pm
    Couldn’t have said it better Steve. We’re all indebted to you for being so very, very human.
    And to Chris, wow, the silence has been deafening, getting a message from the Blog Chair under your hand is a great sign. keep up the progress. We love both of you for all the right reasons.
    T & J

  11. Welcome back to the real world Kiffiter. We all love you so much, We all need you so much.
    I am so proud of my two precious boys.

    Thank you to all those caring special people out there. It is so wonderful to have your support in so many different and very helpful ways. love, Mum (Yvonne) Haylock xxx

  12. Hello 28, that’s not help mate; that’s your brother next to you. Loving someone is not help, it is part of being human. Your community loves you too which is brilliant and comforting to everyone. x

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