Update on Chris

Hello, Steve here again,

Chris and Cath visited their GP today after having another round of blood tests on Tuesday. The doctor felt the level of anti-seizure meds was not sufficient and that he would benefit from ongoing monitoring; add to this his pain levels and Cath’s brilliant and enduring but tireless constant care of him – the idea of a few nights in the Peninsula Health facility made perfect sense.

I met Russell, the paramedic who had given Chris a dose of pain relief for his journey from the doctors (Ambulance yes -but more of a patient transport vehicle who could better transit Chris).

He was impressed with Chris’ ability to cope with his obvious pain from the tumours in his leg and back and was happy to administer some happy drugs.

I’ve just got back from chatting with Chris and wanted to update you.

Re-runs of The Brady Bunch coloured his bedside screen and the man in an adjacent bed farted for what seemed like 40 seconds.

Chris had had his eyes closed, either to block out Alice, Mike & Cindy or to rest, but upon hearing Mr Flatulence’s entry into this year’s longest windy explosion, Chris looked up at me and frowned. A little smile crept across his eyes and we shared another funny moment.

Impressive, if only for it’s ability to make Chris smile…

Chris had requested I put the muso flyer up and to update you on the current situation; thankyou for giving Cath & him time & space from phone calls and visits, please know – it does make it easier for them.

The previous post has the flyer for the excellent community concert for cancer; this is an amazing event that a group of Chris & Cath’s great friends have put together.

An event? Mmm, it’s more than that – what began as a bunch of musos booking a gig to raise funds to assist Cath & Chris has turned into a massive concert to raise community awareness and assist any locals dealing with cancer.

With 10 bands, 5 raffles, 2 silent auctions, over 50 local sponsors including a bank (Bendigo Bank, Balnarring), a winery (Crittendens) and a lot of dedicated, caring people who love Chris & Cath – they have raised over $5,000 before he event has even started !

Hats off to Kate & Bernie, Ian & Ree and the most wonderful Mini who has raised $2,000 herself from her own raffle…. Thank you.

Community spirit with this much passion deserves an enormous turn out on Sat 9th; with RRR promoting it (thanks Bron) and numerous articles in local papers – it will have.

Thank you to everyone who has, and is, assisting Chris & Cath, either by minding the kids & Chris, contributing to the concert event or supporting them / the family in numerous other ways. Matt, Lou, Gus, Paul, Rhys, Nick….probably not a good idea mentioning names because I will invariably leave out people – Thank you if you’ve helped in any way.

Chris was joking with me tonight as he let his body soak up what would normally be an illegal narcotic drug. As it streamed through his blood I too felt calmed that it was assisting him.

Pain relief comes in many forms; I hope we can add another on Saturday.

With your help, we shall. Hope to see you down at The Heritage between 3 and 10pm  – even if only for one set of music….

Love & regards




5 thoughts on “Update on Chris

  1. Thanks for the updates Steve. Your a top bro!
    Pass on a hug from Emma and Me (the kayakers).

    Julian. D.

  2. Hi Steve, I am so grateful that you keep us informed through Chris’s blog. The event of support from your community of friends and family sounds so amazing. The only thing in life that seems to matter is the connections we make with one another and the care and support that we form and keep forever. My heart feels heavy that Chris is in palliative care and it is so hard to be here in Canada and not be able to come by and visit Chris and Cath. I send my love across the miles and miss you guys. Thinking of you and the family. Love Shaz

  3. What a wonderful event yesterday. Well done to all the organisers. Such a shame that you couldn’t be there Chris. What a fantastic lot of musos and a great bunch of people who all hold you in such high regard. I used to joke with you in High School and say that you had more tickets on yourself than a tram conductor. Well I stand corrected – I am quite justified in saying that you are worth every single one of those tickets and you have earned more than that of a “One Direction” concert tour! (nb. the value of the One Direction concert tickets to be debated – its the quantity I am talking about)
    Best wishes
    Lisa and family xx

  4. Hi Chris and Steve, just read the update and hope the drugs help with managing the pain. I can just see the two of you together and no matter what the issue or challenge being faced you both manage to find something to laugh about. I am grateful for your sense of humor and that you continue to make the best of each situation. I wish I could be joining you on June 9th…you are in my heart and thoughts, love Sharon..sending my support for healing and laughter. xx

  5. Hi Steve
    Thanks for the update, and for being able to inject some humor when all of us need a bit.

    Hi Chris,
    Get better soon man, we know this is taking a long time, and we really hope you can start making some positive steps quickly now. We think about you constantly.

    Trev & James

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