Chris in care & post concert details


Steve here.

Chris is still in the Frankston Rehabilitation Centre (part of Peninsula Health); resting with 24 hr care. Pain is kept at a minimum and his anti seizure meds effectiveness are being constantly monitored. Whilst sleeping a lot, he still manages to annoy the nurses and take his own time taking his tablets, eating food etc. I wish he would eat more.

Please visit him when you have a chance, if you are wishing to do so; he is at Peninsula Health Rehab / Palliative Care, opposite Mt Erin College, near corner of Robinsons Rd.


Peninsula Palliative Care Centre
125 Golf Links Road
Frankston VIC 3199

Contact Details -Tel: 9784 8600

Chris is in: building 6 – room 6.

Please be considerate to his condition (no 20 questions or loud voices) and if there are other people – ie 2 or 3, pls wait in the end room adjacent to his and go in when they leave; ideally not too long – he does get very tired.

Or if you’d rather get Cath lunch, sit with her or something else, please offer.

If you have any queries about this, please call me: Steve 0457 544 104


The Balnarring Community Cancer Concert

Saturday was as surreal as it was successful; that many people bursting with community spirit was overwhelmingly humbling and pleasing. So many arrived from 2.30 pm onwards that by about 4pm, they’d reached capacity and had to turn hundreds of guests away. (Liquor licence, OH&S). Either that or wait at the front gate, which 50 people did, ongoing for hours as some guests exited -some were allowed in. Apologies to all those who could not show their support for Chris and actually enter the premises of the Heritage Hotel.

With 10 bands, 4 raffles, 2 large silent auctions and hundreds of people, -this whole day was bursting at its seams.

Thankyou to all the volunteers, bands, staff at the Heritage who made it as special as it was. Particularly Kate & Bernie, Ian & Ree and Mini who were fundamental in getting this day to happen and for seeking the vast amount of brilliant donations to raffle. To Sean & Paul for MC ing like Billy Crystal has never done and to Bob for producing such a high quality of sound – this made the bands and artists sound as wonderful as they did.

Photos to follow.

Performance-wise, there was some amazing individual acts that would create a frenzy in an inner city venue but this was not about individuals – this was about community and the reason we were there. To support someone from our community because they are, we are, you are, the community.

And that is what everyone did.

Over $14,000 was raised for the Balnarring Community Cancer Foundation – of which a substantial percentage will directly assist Chris & Cath.

There has been such passion and commitment to this cause that an annual event is being discussed.



5 thoughts on “Chris in care & post concert details

  1. Hi all,

    I have just visited Chris – a very popular man with streams of visitors. Steve and the family have asked me to post a note on here to express their gratitude for all of your support. The amount of visitors is however, taking its toll on Chris. He is overwhelmed with gratitude and under-rested!
    If you are thinking of visiting, please keep the visit short, and perhaps call Steve first.
    ph:0457 544 104. Steve, Cath and the family appreciate the amazing amount of support and well wishes.

  2. Hi Steve, Chris, Cath and family,
    Firstly let me say THANKS for the fundraiser at The Heritage, Balnarring – it gave us all an opportunity to express OUR SUPPORT for a very deserving guy and his family – that’s you Chris and Cath. Lots of people at school are keeping up with events through this blog site, thanks Steve for taking the time to keep us informed.
    Best wishes always Allannah & Ezza XOXOX

  3. Hi Steve, could you please pass on to Chris, Catch and family that all the instrumental teachers at Casey Grammar are thinking of then.
    Take care Antoinette

  4. Chris, I’m with you, Cath, the kids and your families in spirit. I’m glad to hear the event was so successful and wish I could have been there. Looking forward to seeing pictures. Take care.

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