Hi again, Aurora here

Just a gentle call to say that at this time it would be best that the family be close by Chris.

For this reason please send love rather than visit Chris.

With Chris in our hearts, our memories and forever keeping us giggling with his wit and charm, our strength will help him.

Much love

Aurora xo

16 thoughts on “update

  1. Dear Cath & family, thinking of you all today. Chris has left an indelible impression in our school and has touched so many students and staff with his gentle ways and quirky sense of humour.
    Love to you all from Allannah & Ezza Wooloughan

  2. Dearest Chris,
    You are in my thoughts every day. I remember the first time I saw you play at the Flinders Yatch club.I will treasure our talks at school. You made a difference to all the kids you taught…..patient, supportive and always encouraging. You are inspirational. Thinking of Cath, Renee, Eva and Leo.

  3. Dear “Ambrose”
    Our love for you and to you, has and will always be there.
    The time we had in Fiji, drinking kava, eating food and enjoying the sunshine, scuba diving, singing, drinking “fijibabies”, etc. etc.
    The help you gave with installing our magnificant “large” spa at “Weron Court” – what an accomplishment for all = especially Trev with the electrics – and our Jenny wanting to become an electrican – well she married one and that is close enough. The ‘live’ entertainment in the “Gladius X Gladigou” studio – wow – and thankyou for contributing to all the great parties that were held in Weron Court, and how much use the spa got over the years.
    The nights that you worked with Trev and Colin at Leonda and Butleigh Wooton and the great times we all had together.
    Your 21st birthday party – what a great time was had by all.
    Those gigs that enabled the great trip to Fiji is one I will never forget, arriving at Nandi in the heat, my bags were searched by the airport police and you, Trev and Colin just walked on through as though nothing mattered in the world – and arriving at the hotel you all went to the bar to check out the entertainment for the night. (I was absolutely mortified!!) An experience never to be forgotten.
    To Steve and Aurora for their constant support during these past weeks – thank you for keeping us up to date with the ‘news’ – and to Catherine and Leo and Eva, you have a great partner and Dad, someone who you can be very proud of. To Renee too, a Dad you can be proud of.
    From Colin, Nicola and “Jenny Jenny” we give you all our love and we will remember the years forever.
    All our love “Mummy” Robyn, Colin, Nicola and Jenny Brown.

  4. Dear Cath and family, our deepest love and thoughts are with you.
    Chris is such a precious gem that will always sparkle and light the way wherever he may be.
    All our love
    Ghyl, Theo and Seb

  5. Sending our love and support for Chris, Catherine, Renee, Eva & Leo. Seeing the blog and comments left by family & friends its heartening to see your warmth, spirit, humor and generosity are shared by many.
    Carol & Steve x

  6. My thoughts and prayers go out to all
    This is a difficult time, take strength from each other
    And always remember the good times
    Cathy (from thunder bay, ontario) xoxo

  7. Chris, I only met you once in Hawaii last year for that great time before, during and after Christy and Waine’s wedding.

    Right from the start, your caring, friendly, humorous nature struck me and has stayed with me since. I feel privileged and honored to have met you and your wonderful family and have you in my thoughts and heart every day.

    Take care . . .


  8. Our thoughts are with you all. Sending our love to Chris. From Chris, Jennifer and Brittany Prescott – (Casey Grammar School)

  9. Dear Chris

    We think of you every minute of every day. Watching your sensational performance at the Heritage only a few weeks ago was so memorable. As usual, you showed absolutely perfect timing and extraordinary skill. But much before that and so many years ago now, I had the fantastic opportunity to work with you at Leonda on the Yarra, and many other places. We renovated cars together, endlessly sanding panels back to bare metal, priming and spray painting and polishing – what fun!

    However, those times we worked together musically have created so many unforgettable moments. I think we even went to Music Junction together in the 1980’s to buy your drum kit. Not sure if it’s the same one you used the other week at the Heritage, but one thing’s for sure, your drumming ability has always been ‘second to none’. You always set such a high standard for others.

    And another thing you are renowned for Chris: you could always take the most awkward moment and instantly turn it into something funny. That is something that no one can ever forget.

    To Steve and Aurora and to all of Chris’ family, thanks so much for your continued strength and ongoing encouragement and endless support to Chris. We send our love to all of you.

    Trev & James

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