Steve here.

9 weeks and 2 days since that Sunday in June (24th) at 2.26pm when all our lives changed.

No poetic flood of words from me, just to inform you of what is going on; particularly those who are overseas.

The Balnarring Community Cancer Awareness Group will hold an annual event -most probably at the Race track (to hold more people), artists, bands and many dedicated people have signed on to this great fundraiser that will assist locals dealing with cancer and will add to Chris’ wishes to assist others.

You will see details of this event soon; a lead up tester is planned for the race track later his year – Cath and I visited with the great and well connected Bernie Dobson a few weeks ago; as a committee member there at the Balnarring Racing Club, he has suggested an amazing seed of an event – it will be huge….  * watch for details….

Where to next? How do we best manage this struggle, be present for our families and respect Chris?

How can we ever do him proud? That torments me on a daily basis.. listening to music helps me.  I was playing Paul Dillon’s ‘Butterfly into the storm’, a CD Chris played on, (recorded at the Sorrento Cinema in 2006), and it was then that I realised music is probably one of the only ways I can get through this aside from helping Cath, Renae, Eva & Leo….

Victor Stranges, a great musician who Chris played with, sowed the seed with me whilst Chris was in hospital – suggesting we could put his playing to record.

We can listen to his music …(and you can find it online) and we can listen to his rimshots, his solos and his signature cymbal splashes…. but what if we could play a CD of his music  -him drumming on songs- and celebrate him that way?

Celebrate his music, hear his beats and feel his ideas; feel a part of him. Yes, that’s what I would want.

And what if we could put together a CD together that would also benefit Cath, Renae, Eva & Leo?

That’s where I am now.

And that’s where you come in – we need suggestions, songs, ideas of how to present the CD, package it etc. We need photos, we need stories and we need your feedback on how to best honour Chris and his legacy. If you know of any recordings, however brief, please let me know via email.

Please contact me and share your ideas.

Please upload any suitable pics, stories and ideas to this site – the blog.

I made a commitment to Chris to assist Eva & Leo the best I could.

You can help me do so.


Steve x x




Please see a bunch of potential songs and links to songs /artists below. Plenty of beautiful Chris drumming… Cheers

‘My Friend’ Marty Nelson Williams


Jam Band featuring Graham Davidge, Pete Kaighan, Aaron Roberts – Heritage Hotel April 2012 (listed as Mama Sass because they were the original band prior to a jam taking over)

‘Last Time’ Drew Bowden 3 – World Aids Day, Melbourne 2008

‘Lip Kiss’  (Lisa Blundell/Marty Nelson Williams) Featuring DC Cardwell, Samuel Cardwell

Multiple songs-  DC Cardwell and Victor Stranges – Studio recording/Home recording

March 2011

‘Much too soon’ Pete Watts

July 2012

‘Coming Home’ Marty Nelson Williams

5 thoughts on “CHRIS on DRUMS CD

  1. hey there, Steve.
    The Link above is a song that Chris and i had fun with a few times in rehearsals in particular with the ending of the song, it’s called “Tender Heart”, it features Peter Kaighan on the ‘alien’ bass guitar, and Chris on the drums of course…this footage was captured by Richard Mashava on New Years Eve 2010 @Moonah Links Golf Resort in Fingal(out the back of Rye). This was our third New Years Eve in a row down there as a trio, although the 2009 New Years Eve gig there featured a friend of mine named Mick Landells on Bass guitar while Pete specialised on the horn section alone…this gig was almost but not quite the equivelant to a weeks pay for each of us, think we netted around $500 each on average each of the three years…actually the 2008 NYE gig followed a gig the night before at the same venue, but it was a private function and from memory, Marty joined the trio for that gig, then the next afternoon Chris and I played a short fun gig for Paul’s(Fernando) daughter’s first birthday, it was a stinking hot day…then the NYE gig that night !!!Those two night combined, i believe we netted $900(not bad for two nights pay)but at a time when family gatherings mean much more, both Pete and Chris made huge sacrifices for those three years, as time away from family……i would often call Chris for a gig only to miss out because he already had been booked by someone else, hence the demand on the man and his family life, but as you know, it’s a part of what drove Chris.

      • Thanks Brad, Brilliant; we can clean up the audio a bit and remove the talking perhaps or leave it as atmosphere at a live event. This is a great find. (they must have been saving on lighting though – perhaps to pay the band !)

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