i like to play drums

5 thoughts on “About

  1. I miss the word smithery, the shenanigans, the rendezvous, the creativity, the fearlessness, the humour, the advice, the laughter. I miss everything Chris.

  2. You ‘play’ drums..?????

    NO, mate – you are part of the drums. You always have been.
    Your feet rock the bass (drum)
    You reach at the ride
    your eyes smile at the crash and
    you’re part of the hide
    – the snare bounce your sticks
    so proud
    your arms; they have dances
    with toms and rims shots,
    the skins wait for tip
    of your stick
    of your feel
    your pulse moves the songs
    you are holding it real

    Yeah – you more than play them……


    • Play drums ??? My Little Drummer Boy, at the age of three, you started hitting upturned saucepans to a vinyl record of Gary Hydes’, instructing Mum to replay it again and again for about an hour and a half at a time. Glen Davis would be so proud of you now. All my love, Mum xxx

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