About Chris

The idea of this blog is for all I have allowed, to read about my ill health & treatments etc, without me having to go over it to each friend either personally or writing many emails etc. Comments can be left if you wish, thankyou. Chris x



Steve here.

9 weeks and 2 days since that Sunday in June (24th) at 2.26pm when all our lives changed.

No poetic flood of words from me, just to inform you of what is going on; particularly those who are overseas.

The Balnarring Community Cancer Awareness Group will hold an annual event -most probably at the Race track (to hold more people), artists, bands and many dedicated people have signed on to this great fundraiser that will assist locals dealing with cancer and will add to Chris’ wishes to assist others.

You will see details of this event soon; a lead up tester is planned for the race track later his year – Cath and I visited with the great and well connected Bernie Dobson a few weeks ago; as a committee member there at the Balnarring Racing Club, he has suggested an amazing seed of an event – it will be huge….  * watch for details….

Where to next? How do we best manage this struggle, be present for our families and respect Chris?

How can we ever do him proud? That torments me on a daily basis.. listening to music helps me.  I was playing Paul Dillon’s ‘Butterfly into the storm’, a CD Chris played on, (recorded at the Sorrento Cinema in 2006), and it was then that I realised music is probably one of the only ways I can get through this aside from helping Cath, Renae, Eva & Leo….

Victor Stranges, a great musician who Chris played with, sowed the seed with me whilst Chris was in hospital – suggesting we could put his playing to record.

We can listen to his music …(and you can find it online) and we can listen to his rimshots, his solos and his signature cymbal splashes…. but what if we could play a CD of his music  -him drumming on songs- and celebrate him that way?

Celebrate his music, hear his beats and feel his ideas; feel a part of him. Yes, that’s what I would want.

And what if we could put together a CD together that would also benefit Cath, Renae, Eva & Leo?

That’s where I am now.

And that’s where you come in – we need suggestions, songs, ideas of how to present the CD, package it etc. We need photos, we need stories and we need your feedback on how to best honour Chris and his legacy. If you know of any recordings, however brief, please let me know via email.

Please contact me and share your ideas.


Please upload any suitable pics, stories and ideas to this site – the blog.

I made a commitment to Chris to assist Eva & Leo the best I could.

You can help me do so.


Steve x x




Please see a bunch of potential songs and links to songs /artists below. Plenty of beautiful Chris drumming… Cheers

‘My Friend’ Marty Nelson Williams





Jam Band featuring Graham Davidge, Pete Kaighan, Aaron Roberts – Heritage Hotel April 2012 (listed as Mama Sass because they were the original band prior to a jam taking over)


‘Last Time’ Drew Bowden 3 – World Aids Day, Melbourne 2008


‘Lip Kiss’  (Lisa Blundell/Marty Nelson Williams) Featuring DC Cardwell, Samuel Cardwell


Multiple songs-  DC Cardwell and Victor Stranges – Studio recording/Home recording

March 2011



‘Much too soon’ Pete Watts

July 2012


‘Coming Home’ Marty Nelson Williams


The Balnarring Community Cancer Concert update

Following on from the great event on Saturday 9 June, a very substantial amount was raised – expected to exceed $20,000.

Support from musicians and volunteers has been pledged and for this reason this event will become an annual concert to raise funds to assist the Balnarring community.

For those that were unable to attend this years Community Cancer Concert fundraising event and wish to donate we have listed the bank information here.

Bank: Bendigo Bank in Balnarring
Account Name: Balnarring Community Cancer Awareness Group
BSB: 633-000
Account #: 146011739

Thank you to all of the people that have donated thus far. Your support will greatly assist Chris & Cath.


Hi again, Aurora here

Just a gentle call to say that at this time it would be best that the family be close by Chris.

For this reason please send love rather than visit Chris.

With Chris in our hearts, our memories and forever keeping us giggling with his wit and charm, our strength will help him.

Much love

Aurora xo

‘we will get by with a little help from our friends’

Photos from the huge fundraiser Balnarring Community Cancer Awareness Concert

If anyone has pictures from the day that they want to share, please send them and i will upload.

please send to aurorasteve@bigpond.com

Aurora xo

Update on update

Hi everyone, its Aurora, Steve’s partner

The support for Chris and Cath and the kids has been amzaing, really truely wonderful and heart warming.

All this love and support certainly provides strength and courage for all of us, so please keep it coming because it does make a difference.

From the nurses at the hospital, they too have seen and felt the support, care and love that all of us have brought to Chris and know the importance of this, they have also highlighted that too much stimulation ( visits ) may make it difficult for Chris to get the rest he needs to heal. The nurses have suggested restricting visiting times.

Requested visit times are: 12 noon to 2 pm & 5 pm to 7 pm

Please come in and visit and please be prepared, that seeing Chris will be dependent on the situation at the time ie: if he is sleeping or not.

Thank you to everyone that has come to the hospital and spent time with Cath and Steve also, providing yummy food, hugs and a warm heart, it goes a long way.

Aurora xo







Chris in care & post concert details


Steve here.

Chris is still in the Frankston Rehabilitation Centre (part of Peninsula Health); resting with 24 hr care. Pain is kept at a minimum and his anti seizure meds effectiveness are being constantly monitored. Whilst sleeping a lot, he still manages to annoy the nurses and take his own time taking his tablets, eating food etc. I wish he would eat more.

Please visit him when you have a chance, if you are wishing to do so; he is at Peninsula Health Rehab / Palliative Care, opposite Mt Erin College, near corner of Robinsons Rd.


Peninsula Palliative Care Centre
125 Golf Links Road
Frankston VIC 3199

Contact Details -Tel: 9784 8600


Chris is in: building 6 – room 6.

Please be considerate to his condition (no 20 questions or loud voices) and if there are other people – ie 2 or 3, pls wait in the end room adjacent to his and go in when they leave; ideally not too long – he does get very tired.

Or if you’d rather get Cath lunch, sit with her or something else, please offer.

If you have any queries about this, please call me: Steve 0457 544 104


The Balnarring Community Cancer Concert

Saturday was as surreal as it was successful; that many people bursting with community spirit was overwhelmingly humbling and pleasing. So many arrived from 2.30 pm onwards that by about 4pm, they’d reached capacity and had to turn hundreds of guests away. (Liquor licence, OH&S). Either that or wait at the front gate, which 50 people did, ongoing for hours as some guests exited -some were allowed in. Apologies to all those who could not show their support for Chris and actually enter the premises of the Heritage Hotel.

With 10 bands, 4 raffles, 2 large silent auctions and hundreds of people, -this whole day was bursting at its seams.

Thankyou to all the volunteers, bands, staff at the Heritage who made it as special as it was. Particularly Kate & Bernie, Ian & Ree and Mini who were fundamental in getting this day to happen and for seeking the vast amount of brilliant donations to raffle. To Sean & Paul for MC ing like Billy Crystal has never done and to Bob for producing such a high quality of sound – this made the bands and artists sound as wonderful as they did.

Photos to follow.

Performance-wise, there was some amazing individual acts that would create a frenzy in an inner city venue but this was not about individuals – this was about community and the reason we were there. To support someone from our community because they are, we are, you are, the community.

And that is what everyone did.

Over $14,000 was raised for the Balnarring Community Cancer Foundation – of which a substantial percentage will directly assist Chris & Cath.

There has been such passion and commitment to this cause that an annual event is being discussed.



Update on Chris

Hello, Steve here again,

Chris and Cath visited their GP today after having another round of blood tests on Tuesday. The doctor felt the level of anti-seizure meds was not sufficient and that he would benefit from ongoing monitoring; add to this his pain levels and Cath’s brilliant and enduring but tireless constant care of him – the idea of a few nights in the Peninsula Health facility made perfect sense.

I met Russell, the paramedic who had given Chris a dose of pain relief for his journey from the doctors (Ambulance yes -but more of a patient transport vehicle who could better transit Chris).

He was impressed with Chris’ ability to cope with his obvious pain from the tumours in his leg and back and was happy to administer some happy drugs.

I’ve just got back from chatting with Chris and wanted to update you.

Re-runs of The Brady Bunch coloured his bedside screen and the man in an adjacent bed farted for what seemed like 40 seconds.

Chris had had his eyes closed, either to block out Alice, Mike & Cindy or to rest, but upon hearing Mr Flatulence’s entry into this year’s longest windy explosion, Chris looked up at me and frowned. A little smile crept across his eyes and we shared another funny moment.

Impressive, if only for it’s ability to make Chris smile…

Chris had requested I put the muso flyer up and to update you on the current situation; thankyou for giving Cath & him time & space from phone calls and visits, please know – it does make it easier for them.

The previous post has the flyer for the excellent community concert for cancer; this is an amazing event that a group of Chris & Cath’s great friends have put together.

An event? Mmm, it’s more than that – what began as a bunch of musos booking a gig to raise funds to assist Cath & Chris has turned into a massive concert to raise community awareness and assist any locals dealing with cancer.

With 10 bands, 5 raffles, 2 silent auctions, over 50 local sponsors including a bank (Bendigo Bank, Balnarring), a winery (Crittendens) and a lot of dedicated, caring people who love Chris & Cath – they have raised over $5,000 before he event has even started !

Hats off to Kate & Bernie, Ian & Ree and the most wonderful Mini who has raised $2,000 herself from her own raffle…. Thank you.

Community spirit with this much passion deserves an enormous turn out on Sat 9th; with RRR promoting it (thanks Bron) and numerous articles in local papers – it will have.

Thank you to everyone who has, and is, assisting Chris & Cath, either by minding the kids & Chris, contributing to the concert event or supporting them / the family in numerous other ways. Matt, Lou, Gus, Paul, Rhys, Nick….probably not a good idea mentioning names because I will invariably leave out people – Thank you if you’ve helped in any way.

Chris was joking with me tonight as he let his body soak up what would normally be an illegal narcotic drug. As it streamed through his blood I too felt calmed that it was assisting him.

Pain relief comes in many forms; I hope we can add another on Saturday.

With your help, we shall. Hope to see you down at The Heritage between 3 and 10pm  – even if only for one set of music….

Love & regards




Im back in the blog chair !

Firstly… a big thanks for all Steve’s help recently, with the blog but mainly with his visits to us. He happened to be here recently when I had another seizure when I told Cath & Steve my name was ’28’ !  All good now though that the anti-seizure treatment is back in check.

A big thankyou also to all who have stayed in touch on here or who have been involved with Cath’s help roster. The medications have seen me so exhausted that I have hardly left bed or the couch for about four weeks.

I am now slowly getting over this and my apetite has returned too which has pleased Cath a great deal.

I am coping pretty well with day to day life, I am so lucky having such a caring family here at home and also such a great bunch of close friends around the corner. Talk soon. xo






Steve here; Chris has asked me to update this blog as he is too lethargic to do so himself. He lacks the energy because of the Sutent treatment (cancer cell inhibitor).

Spent some time at Frankston Hospital on Monday night getting his anti seizure meds adjusted following a minor seizure; the ED department was crammed owing to the full moon (80 people into a 35 bed facility!) but thankfully Chris was cleared – bloods were checked and with a new med in hand – was allowed home the following day…

Back at home; Chris & Cath appreciate not being phoned everyday – thankyou – but also acknowledge and value everyone’s generosity with time and support.

Eva and Leo have a sleepy dad resting in their lounge (a cosy mattress in front of their fireplace), Leo getting great walking legs and Eva’s vocabulary increasing everyday.

His treatment schedule (of the Sutent) is for 28 days then a break of a week or so; they will re-evaluate things then. His tiredness is a sign that the treatment is doing its job – when he’s got more bounce he will update you again himself.