3 thoughts on “Leo & Eva today :)

  1. Just read about Tuesday night and the seizures. Gee Chris to walk us there what was happening staying calm in the middle of a frightening and helpless experience is courageous. I am glad a small change in medication will make a difference. I am glad you are home with your family and I really wish I could fly from Vancouver to see your gig. How can video and post? That would be awesome. Have fun on Sunday and will be waiting to hear more about the test from Thurs. Hugs Sharon

  2. Hello Chris, good job on the blog thingie. I have read another blog today from Simon Wrangles wife my previous gardner. Must be something in the water around here as he is not a well man either. Thanks for keeping us in the loop mate and keep posting. Will give you a call this week for a chat.

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